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Journal Prompts to Combat Anxiety About the Future


Mobolu Coker

The last two years have been stresfful and difficult for many of us. It is natural to feel a loss of control in the present and worry about how that will translate into the future. Journaling is a great way to manage stress and anxiety because writing out our worst fears on paper tends to make them look less scary. Below are some prompts to help you get started.


Writing them down:

1. What are the things I am worried / concerned / afraid will happen? What do I fear will happen next? How might this affect me or my life?

2. How likely is it that my biggest concerns will happen? How do I know?


Rethinking them:

3. How can I think about my fears differently?

4. How could the worst thing that happens to me become the best thing that happens to me?

5. What would need to be true for my fears happening to become a neutral or even positive experience for me?


Considering the past:

6. When was the last time I overcame a difficult challenge? What did I learn about myself? How can I apply what I learnt to this potential scenario?

7. When was the last time I felt a loss of control? How did I cope? What was the result?


Preparing for them:

8. Let’s say my biggest fear happened. What would I do?

9. How can I better prepare myself to handle that situation if it does happen?



10. How are my anxieties about the future affecting my present life?

11. In what small ways am I demonstrating strength and resilience in the present?

12. Who would I be without this anxiety?


Edited by Jeffrey Lynham & Curtis D'Hollander

Article Featured in Elemental Issue 7: COVID-19